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No Excuse Mom | November 13, 2018

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October 10, 2017 No Excuse Moms in Troyes France
January 10, 2017
Free workout group gives mom “no excuses” in Kitsap, WA
January 9, 2017
No Excuse Mom Calendar cover in Tucson, AZ
December 30, 2016
No Excuse Mom and Dads on Good Day Sacramento
December 22, 2016:
International Fitness Calendar features Pottstown Moms
November 14, 2016:
Fit Whangarei mums to feature in swimsuit calendarJuly 1, 2016 No Excuse Moms in AustinJune 7, 2016 Mom’s say there’s No Excuses to not workout.
April 5, 2016:
Stafford exercise group offers free exercise and friendship
March 20. 2016
No Excuse Mom Movement in Roseville
February 14, 2016
No Excuse Mom Sushi Roll
October 29, 2015
Five on Three: No Excuse Mom Dallas
October 23, 2015 Local Moms giving “no excuse” for staying in shape
October 1, 2015 San Angelo, Texas No Excuse Moms strut their stuff
September 29, 2015 Controversial Fit Mom launches empowering calendar
September 28, 2015 Moms Rock Swimsuits to send a message, Yahoo
September 26, 2015 No Excuse Moms share lunch ideas in Wisconsin
September 26, 2015 No Excuse Mom evolving at the right time in Tewksbury,
September 24, 2015 No Excuse Mom, Maria Kang, publishes new calendar, PEOPLE
September 23, 2015 No Excuses Mom, Maria Kang, launches calendar, Cosmopolitan
July 6, 2015 No Excuse Moms working out in Bridgewater, New Jersey
June 16, 2015 No Excuse moms Jackson, Missouri gives moms a way to workout together
May 10, 2015 No Excuse Mom Madison proves weight loss starts at home
May 5, 2015
San Angelo, Texas Words of Wellness: For the No Excuse Moms
May 4, 2015
Tucson Arizona No Excuse not to take care of yourself
April 29, 2015
Baltimore Sun, Go and Get Fit with the No Excuse Moms
April 27, 2015
Boston Local Moms jump on No Excuse workout trend
April 16 2015
Maynard, Massachusetts No Excuse Moms Aims to Empower
March 23, 2015
Columbus, Mississippi No Excuse Moms gets going in Columbus
March 4, 2014
France No Excuse Moms
January 22, 2015: No Excuse Mom Group in Denver
January 19, 2015BND News: Kids are welcome in Waterloo, Illinois fitness class
January 16, 2015Express News: San Antonio TX Fitness group provides motivation, support and fun
January 5, 2015 No Excuse Moms Exercise tips: Workout while cooking, doing laundry, shopping
December 2, No Excuses for this Germantown mom
November 26, 2014  No Excuse Moms in Fort Smith, Arkansas
November 24, 2014 Moms free fitness group in Maryland
November 24, 2014 Dr Oz Calendar Mom Appearance
November 18, 2014 Moms have No Excuse to skip fitness in Colorado
November 13, 2014  No Excuse Mom picks up steam in Madison, Wisconsin