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No Excuse Mom | February 28, 2017

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NEM Group Spotlight : Culpeper, Virginia

NEM Group Spotlight : Culpeper, Virginia
Lily Tency

After having my daughter in 2013, I became a mom. I mean that as in that’s all I felt I was. I lost everything else about myself with being consumed as a first-time mom. It was time to get my “me” back and take care of myself. I started eating better, exercising regularly, and around the same time, met one of my now best friends, soul sister, and another leader for the group, Mimi. My journey started as a mom who needed to take care of herself and it is continuing as a strong woman who is making an example for her daughter and family.

Going through the adventures of motherhood and the journey of health and fitness simultaneously is hard, especially by yourself.  I had been a member of the main No Excuse Mom page and decided Mimi and I needed to bring that kind of support, accountability, education to our local ladies.

We started in May of 2016. We meet weekly at a local park or at the library during the colder months. We have such an amazing group of supportive, caring, non-judgmental, and hard working women in our group. It makes my heart burst to see how brave and caring our girls are with each other; we really have become a tribe.

I love leg and booty workouts! I love hearing the girls talking about feeling it the next day and knowing they put in work and are on the right path in their journey.

We all have setbacks and reason why a healthy and fit lifestyle can’t work in our lives. Being a No Excuse Mom is proving to yourself that if you want it, you will make it happen. It may start with small changes in your eating habit, or take the stairs instead of the elevator. Regardless of how you do it, it’s that fact that you are making these changes in your life to better yourself.

Go in with a game plan, a goal, and a support system!

Thank you, Kristi Queen for your hard work as a leader in Culpeper!

Join our No Excuse Mom group online or find your local community now! Do you have a motivational story? Please send us an email at


  1. Aixa

    I just joined this group not that long ago and I must say they are the most welcoming group of ladies I’ve come across. Thank you.

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