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No Excuse Mom | October 13, 2019

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12-week Challenge begins February 8th!

12-week Challenge begins February 8th!
Maria Kang
  • On December 28, 2014

On February 8th we will begin the next 12-week challenge cycle. I decided against a money-pot contest as it is a huge undertaking that I would like to commit to once a year in September (for now). I also noticed a few things from the last challenge that discouraged me.

1. Many people did not complete the challenge.
2. While a personal email was provided, there wasn’t enough engagement.
3. Applicants needed more tools to succeed.

So, in this next challenge I am going to be investing more time and effort in helping all those in succeeding. There will be an online private group page so we can interact, I will provide more guidance and support and you will have not lost $20 should you not complete the 12 week challenge. In joining the challenge, you would’ve gained a tremendous amount of value including  me as your 12-week coach, a Hard Copy or Kindle version of The No More Excuses Diet book, the Core DVD and the Recipe Booklet. Now that The No More Excuses Diet Book is launching March 10th, I can start sharing the program with those who already pre-ordered it. This program has similar NEM rules/guidelines, however, it goes into more detail on how to:

– Calculate your caloric needs and macronutrient profile
– Measure your starting points based on vital stats, fitness level and traditional measurements
– Design your fitness program based on your fitness level
– Determine your postural deficiencies (and fix them)
– Create a plan, an accountability team and prepare for excuses
– Plan for the 3 different stages of success: the S.P.E.E.D., S.T.R.I.V.E. and S.C.O.R.E. stages
– Sustain your motivation throughout the three-month period
– Maintain your success and create an operational plan once you’ve reached the 12-week mark

This book was a labor of love. It took months to write and additional months to edit (with my awesome team at Harmony). It is based off my personal experiences as a past binge and emotional eater – as someone who was once overweight, who understands pregnancy and who is not a paid fitness model. The No More Excuses Diet has been tested on thousands of people and is the catalyst behind the online No Excuse Mom group. When the book is received, you will be provided with home workouts (with pictures) and 224 pages of fitness, personal stories, nutrition and lifestyle tips. When you pre-order, you will also receive tools in helping you succeed such as my 60 minute CORE DVD, which includes 3 home workouts and my exclusive Recipe Booklet filled with my favorite family recipes.

Currently, this book is only offered to residents in the U.S. and Canada. If you are outside of the country, but would like to participate in this challenge, please purchase the DVD and email the receipt to me at

You will receive a downloadable ebook of some of my favorite recipes (all of them will be familiar to anyone who follows My Instagram HERE.)

The DVD is streaming. You are encouraged to perform a 20 minute Core workout, three times a week. These are my actual workouts that I used to develop my core strength and define my AB muscles.The DVD can be purchased HERE.

On pre-sale now, please visit your favorite online retailer. After your purchase please fill out the pre-order form on my website to receive entry to the 12-week challenge and free gifts.


  1. Breann Glass

    I have a few questions. I pre-ordered the book but through my digital Kindle account. Does that still count? And does that only give me access to the Facebook accountability group or does that waive entry fee? If not when and where can I sign up? I was not really sure on that info. Also do I have to track calories? I’ve never been one to track calories but have been successful just eating clean and healthy foods. I do have a game plan for my workout routine and I’m super excited to get started. I’ve already got my A game going on clean eating now that the holidays are over. And very lastly… at the end where do we submit our transformation to? Thank you so much for putting this all together. I can’t wait to get the book!

    Breann Glass

    • Claudia

      Yes, the Ebook gives you everything.

      • shawna

        I do not see where i can purchase program.

        • buying the book will give you the program and digital DVD for free 🙂 Amazon and others carry it. Best wishes to you, Maria

          • Jasmine Aviles-Beckermeyer


  2. Breann Glass

    Never mind on all the questions. Now that I’ve gone back and read without someone saying mama mama every few seconds I got all my questions answered. (:

    • Jasmine Aviles-Beckermeyer

      Oh nm. lol i read it again . .

  3. Julee Brinton

    I am wondering if I can get your DVD with an Asia country code. I live in Thailand and often when I buy videos from the US they have the US country code and they won’t play in my computer or DVD player.
    Thank you,

    • Claudia

      They are going to see about an asian country code.

  4. Evan Fahy

    Hi Maria,
    Hope you & your family had a wonderful Christmas break. I’ve been following you on Facebook for about a year & just want to thank you for being so motivational. 🙂
    Anyway, I’d like to purchase your book & DVD for my wife as a gift. Please let me know how I can order it.
    Thanks so much.
    Evan Fahy. (Dublin, Ireland).

  5. 4C3M1R

    I am about 10 weeks pregnant. Do you think I can do this program? Should I purchase and do after I deliver? I’m a runner and have been keeping up with running for the most part (listening to my body and slowing down my pace). I haven’t been doing any strength training because I don’t know what to do that is safe for pregnancy.

    • Claudia

      It’s safe. Just check with your doctor first as a precaution.

  6. Aurelie


    Is it possible to buy the book from France ? Maybe a ebook version ?

    A follower from France 🙂

  7. Apryl

    Does this count twards the 12-week challenge and free gifts if you buy the ebook versus the hard cover?

  8. Annika Oksa Walker

    Hi! I pre-ordered your book, but the form on your website does not work, and email to your published bounced back. My order number is 102-8237221-7287420. I am so looking forward to this next 12 week challenge! Thank you for your inspiration!

    • Claudia

      The form is working now.

  9. Angelica McCaw

    I pre-ordered the book and downloaded the recipe booklet, but am unable to access the core DVDs. How can I access them?

    • Claudia

      The form has the digital DVD link. Hit it and book mark it so you can always return without having to fill the form out again.

  10. eveline andrews

    I’m confused. The challenge starts in january but the book doesn’t come out until march?

    • Claudia

      The book order is a pre-order. The contest starts in Jan.

  11. Zane


    Is possible to buy the book from Sweden?
    Need all the help to lose alot.

  12. How much memory will the dvd and 12 week info take up? I need to decide what electronic item to use: kindle, iphone, ipad, pc.

    • It’s on a private youtube so it will take up no space.

  13. Inna

    I live in Russia. If I understand correctly I can’t buy the book because it’s offered only for US and Canada. To participate the contest I should order the DVD, right?

  14. Zane

    HI! I am from Sweden and i would love to join yor grup. but how i can oreder the book?


  15. Magen

    I pre – order the book but where can I sign up for the 12 week challenge?

  16. Dear Claudia,

    first of all a happy new year!
    i’m a bit confused about all those info above.
    i have no kindle and want to order the hard copy. as i’m living in france i will pre order via
    1. will the CORE DVD work here in europe /france
    2. will i be able to have access to the Recipe Booklet,not having a kindle?

    you say
    . If you are outside of the country, but would like to participate in this challenge, please purchase the DVD and email the receipt to me
    3. would it not be enough to only pre-order the book on amazon and sent you the confirmation of purchase?

    sorry for all those questions. and thanks for your help in advance.

    and of course a big big THANK YOU to all those lovely people for all your efford you are putting into this to help others!


  17. Shantala Reece - Whiteman

    Good afternoon,

    I am from the Caribbean….Trinidad to be exact. I am very interested in this challenge, however I am concerned that I cannot obtain the same foods that you may have in the diet plan. Would you work with me in terms of substituting?

  18. Is the purchase of the book required in order to participate in the 12 week challenge?

  19. Shantala Reece - Whiteman

    Also I would prefer the Kindle version book however I did not see that option on

    • I think it is on itunes. I saw it on amazon today?

  20. Tania

    I preordered the book but lost the screen of the downloadable material. Can you please resend me the links or direct me to where I can find them? Thanks you!

  21. Tracey McGregor

    HI Maria,

    I am based in New Zealand so pre-ordered your book through the book depository site. I have paid for the book, but really want to start the 12 week challenge tomorrow. How can I access the information needed to start the 12 week challenge?

    Many thanks

  22. Tina

    I only just saw this now. Is it too late for me to registar? How can I do this? I love in Toronto canada. I’d love to start with everyone tomorrow. How much plz.
    Thanks so much!!

    • You can follow along and do the challenge unofficially or wait till the next one. So sorry you missed the cut off date. Maria

      • Enter your code into the website, you may still have time 🙂

  23. Dawn Miller

    I preordered the book and out the code in. Tried to join group and all it did was spin. Not sure if I actually got on or not.

    • Sorry, try refreshing your browser and log on again. Maria

  24. Eanly

    hi, I am from Asia. If i purchase the DVD am i entitle to get all the free gift as stated?

  25. MaryAnn


    So just to clarify. I pre-ordered the Kindle book and downloaded and book marked the recipes and work-outs. How and when will I receive the invite and information to begin the 12 week transformation seeing as the book wo’t be out until March? Sorry if this was asked I ready through the above page and comments and still wasn’t sure sorry if I missed it.


    • You can hit the No Excuse Challenge on the same form and it will take you there. Maria

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