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No Excuse Mom | October 13, 2019

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Annual 2017 Pot Challenge

Annual 2017 Pot Challenge
Maria Kang
  • On August 9, 2017

Are you ready for some serious motivation???

On September 5 we are beginning our 4th annual international pot transformation contest with all our No Excuse Moms! For 12 weeks, we are asking you to eat healthy, get active and be purposeful in your daily intentions. This was created to connect us as No Excuse Moms, motivate us before the holidays and transform us in a limited period of time. Contest Ends November 23rd *all pictures are due by that date, which lands on Thanksgiving! For the last several years we have given 68 winners hundreds and thousands of pot money!

If you lose a healthy average of 1-2lbs/week for the next 12 weeks, you will be 12-25lbs lighter in 12 weeks! If you are heavily overweight, you will lose more weight. Click here to submit payment and receive an application via email.

We have a new partnership with Designer Protein, who is sponsoring this contest and will be adding incentives throughout the next 12 weeks. You can purchase at most Vitamin/Nutrition/Supplement stores and Target! Use the code NEM20 for 20% off their website HERE and follow them on Instagram here!

Our Guidelines are based upon Maria Kang’s book, The No More Excuses Diet, which is also the book that launched our Facebook group page. It is available at all book retailers and is currently on sale via Amazon here.

Guidelines (these are NOT set in stone):
1. Drink only water, black coffee/tea
2. Eat balanced meals comprising of 30% lean protein, 30% healthy fats, 30% carbohydrates. The last 10% goes towards a small treat or protein/fat (for rest days) or carbohydrates (for training days).
3. Track your calories. If you are trying training for weight loss, lower your intake by 300 calories every few weeks.
4. Enjoy 1-2 treat meals a week.
5. Perform cardio 4 times a week for 20-30 minutes. (the shorter your cardio time the more intense it should be).
6. Perform strength training 3 times a week for 30-40 minutes.
7. Stretch daily.
8. Take a Selfie monthly (in workout clothes/swimsuit)
9. Participate and connect with your local NEM group either online or in person.
10. Identify your Target Heart Rate: 220-age * 60-85% =
11. Create a 12-week Fitness Calendar. For tips and downloadable calender click here.
12. Find accountability partners: Mentor (group leader), Supporter (friend) and Follower (someone you can guide). Find your regional leader here.
13. Be a member of our online NEM Facebook group

Contest Rules:
1. $25 opt-in payment to place into the pot. No Refunds.
2. All application will be emailed after payment is received and must be submitted by September 15th to your regional manager or online manager.
3. Submit before and after pics and story by November 23rd
4. Must connect with closest NEM group (via online or in person). Identify your local leader.
5. Must follow NEM guidelines. No extreme dieting, diet pills, detox plans allowed.
6. Time Stamp your photos with a magazine, newspaper or app. Before photos can be taken as early as Sept 1st.

Winners will be judged by Maria Kang and a NEM panel.
Criteria will be based upon:
40% Transformation
30% Personal Story
30% Participation

The pot money will be divided between 17 winners:
1. FIFTEEN Regional winners (including our Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, NZ/Australia and Latin America NEMs)
2. ONE National winner
3. ONE NEM admin/leader

The way we will divide prize money will be:
30% NEM Winner
30% NEM Admin/leader Winner
30% NEM Regional Winners
10% Misc Fees and NEM Charity Bucket (everything will be accounted for and transparent for everyone to see)

For Example, if we have 500 entries this will be the breakdown:
$10,000 POT MONEY
$3000 Overall NEM winner
$3000 NEM Admin/leader winner
$200 (15 Regions: $3000) Regional leader
Leftover is $1000 which will go towards any paypal fees and the NEM charity bucket (i.e. sponsorship races)

Important Dates
Start Date: September 5
Last date to join: September 15th
Pot Announcement: September 25th
End Date: November 23rd (Thanksgiving!)
Winners Announced: December 15th


1. Do I need to count calories?
No. We provided a general guideline for those who want to know how to get started.

2. How do you define Detox?
We don’t recommend any program that allows less than 1200 calories/day. This was a general term used to avoid quick fix dieting. (which is detrimental in the long term)

3. I am pregnant, can I still join?
YES! To be fair, you can either use a before picture at the same time you were pregnant prior (if this is your second child) to demonstrate a healthier pregnancy. If this is your first time, please just provide your most recent picture. (BTW: we’ve had a pregnant mom grace the pages of our swimsuit calendar)

4. Can I use a ‘before’ picture that was taken earlier this year?
Please provide the picture taken in August/Sept 2017. Please submit two photos. One holding a daily newspaper and one without. You can also include a picture taken prior but it will not be used in the final judging.

5. Do I need to be a mom?
No! Stepmoms, grandmothers, mom of doggies…are all able to join!

6. Do I HAVE to join a local group?
Yes – you can either create your own (if there is no one next to you) or join the closest group either online or in person (Click here to fill out our online group leader application). The reason why this is required is to align you with positive people and create lasting, healthy friendships. The number one way to become successful is to be a part of a community that keeps you accountable. Click here for the list of all our groups!

7. Will I know the total pot money?
Yes! On Sep 15th we will announce how many people have entered and what is up for grabs! We will also announce pot updates the weeks leading up.

8. What does participation entail?
Posting online, commenting and supporting other participants, attending meetups and/or hasthtagging on social media streams. Our official hashtags are: #noexcusemom #nem2017 #designerprotein – If you do not live near a local NEM group, join your nearest location by searching Facebook or our online locations page here.

9. There is no leader near me and I’m interested in becoming one. How do I get started?
Email us at or fill our online application HERE.




Here are some of our winners from last year! Click their name to read their story!

Overall Winner: Krista Roberts

Overall NEM Leader Winner: Lisa Saci

Region 2: Jana Czechicik

Region 3: Darcel Carter

Region 4: Elizabeth Ramirez

Region 5: Nicole Morris

Region 6: Heather Ray

Region 7: Janessa Dillinger

Region 9: Emerald Rubio

Region 15: Laura Monahan




  1. Andrea De Klerk

    Hi, I’d like to sign up but it’s trying to charge me $9.99 shipping on top of the $25 sign up fee. Is this correct? Thanks!

    • Are you international? I’m not sure why it would be showing that. Perhaps it is removed right before you checkout?

    • This error is now fixed

  2. Kim S.

    I am interested in joining, and I am a member of the No Excuse Mom’s on FB, I have searched to see if there is a NEM private group in my area Idaho, but I am not able to find one. Am I still able to join?

    • Yes you can! You can stay active in our general online NEM group!

  3. Jen Muzzillo

    I’ve signed up and paid. Do we need to join any private fb groups for this? Will we receive more info before September about this challenge? Thanks!

  4. Debra

    Do I have to do weight training? I only have enough energy to add walks in (I have chronic fatigue).

    • No you don’t have to weight train, it’s all suggestions!

  5. Cynthia

    Can I add before and after picture without showing my face?

    • Yes, you can do that for sure. However, for legitimacy we will need one (which we will never share) to ensure the person in the picture is you.

  6. Holly

    Maria the closest NEM is 1.5 hours from me. I’m assuming I can just do my own workouts and keep in contact with her for accountability? How do I contact her?

    • You only need to know what region you are in and join a local group for accountability. If it’s too far, posting online counts for participation points. Your regional manager will stay in touch with you throughout the challenge.

  7. Anne

    Hi Maria,

    I’m from Sabah Malaysia, and dont think there is a local group here in Sabah. Can I still participate?

    Thanks 🙂

  8. mollyhang89

    I have already opt in but I can’t not sign the online application. Not through my computer or my phone. Is there something wrong with the height and weight section ? Everytime I fill it out it gives me an error after submitting. Please tell me I am not the only one having this error. Also I live in Central Valley area of CA and I can’t not find any NEM groups, and was told to create one. This is getting more frustrating, I really just want to lose some weight..

    • You don’t need to create a new group, just participate online or even post on your personal social media with the hashtag #noexcusemom. Sorry it’s so frustrating. Most people aren’t having issues with the registration – go ahead and send a screenshot of your application to

  9. Sindhu

    I don’t want to use pay pal. Why is it asking me to create a paypal account. Will money other than the $25 be charged if i use pay pal?
    I don’t have a NEM group in UAE , can i still participate

  10. Marion

    I am not understanding the participation part. Do I make my posts with the hashtags in my NEM local group? on my personal page? both? Is their a facebook page for all the members of NEM I need to be a part of?

    Thank you!

  11. Jenn

    I paid by PayPal this morning. how soon after should I be receiving the email with the link for the application?

    Jenn Cripps

  12. Supriya

    I did not recieve form in email

    • Check your junk/spam folder. We will also send you an email now.

  13. Andrea Kantor

    What should I do? I’m away from my home group temporarily until mid-October. Should I connect with the region I’m currently in? I really want to participate in this.

    • Go ahead and connect with your home group!

  14. Karla C

    I want to join but i dont have a home group, can still join with out it?

    • Yes you can! You can post online in our main No Excuse Mom group!

  15. Christina

    Do I have to follow a certain workout or can I continue to do my own workouts if I join? Thanks!

  16. Gabriela

    Hi Maria, I’d really like to join, I live in New York area and I can not find any NEM group here.

    • Hi Gabriela,

      Your participation will be included in your online activity in our NEM group since you currently do not have a group near you!

  17. kitamarie

    I just submitted my Pot Challenge online application today, but couldn’t find a group in my area. I submitted a request to join the NEM facbook group, will that be sufficient for participation in the challenge?

    • Yes participating in the main online group is sufficient.

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