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No Excuse Mom | October 13, 2019

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Who wants to go on a SugarVacay?

June 6, 2019 |

Download our 15 day sugarvacay ebook HERE.

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What Led Me To Joining No Excuse Mom

December 24, 2018 |

I think too often we forget where we started.

My fitness journey began when I was a child. I was in just about every sport you could imagine, from cheer leading, volleyball and basketball. Ultimately I settled with track and … Read More

NEM PRO Live Training Begins Dec 3

December 3, 2018 |

Starting Monday, Dec 3rd, our NEM Pros will be starting LIVE Training on our main No Excuse Mom Public Community page for the next 9 weeks! Make sure you “LIKE” our page, turn on notifications and put an alarm on … Read More

NEM Progress Chart

August 27, 2018 | 1

Progress is made, where progress is measured! It’s important to note that progress is NOT just what’s on the scale. It’s also how you feel, how your clothes fit, how your stress levels change! When you only focus on the … Read More

#nemlove February Challenge

January 31, 2018 |

We created this challenge so you can focus on love, gratitude, peace and kindness. CLICK HERE to print our downloadable version.

Every day you post, you receive one raffle ticket. We appreciate public posts (so we can see it) but … Read More

NEM FREE Fitness Packet!

August 31, 2016 | 2

Every year we focus on quarterly challenges because just like our seasons and our child’s growth stage, it will take 12 weeks to truly transform. This year our color of the fall 2016 NEM transformation is LAVENDER and we are … Read More

No Excuse Mom Group Leader Appreciation Award: Yvonne Gutierrez

September 2, 2015 |

From Regional Manager, Jasmine Clark:

Yvonne Gutierrez is a military wife and mother of three who also leads our Columbia, SC group.

Yvonne has undying dedication to her group and is resilient to anything that comes her way. She has … Read More

No Excuse Mom Group Leader Appreciation Award: Meeshie Nguyen

August 4, 2015 |

The recipient of our August Group Leader Appreciation Award is Meeshie Nyguyen! Meeshie leads our San Diego, CA group and is also a recipe blogger for the NEM website. Meeshie has done so much for the No Excuse Mom movement. … Read More

No Excuse Mom Group Leader Appreciation Award: Lisa Gouyou

July 3, 2015 |

Lisa is the group leader of No Excuse Mom Paris, France.

From European Regional Manager, Camille Limosin:

Lisa is a working mom to Valdo, who is 7 years old. Lisa was a very young mother and has done a great … Read More

No Excuse Mom Online Admin Appreciation Award Recipient: Marie Crain

July 3, 2015 |

From No Excuse Mom Head Online Administrator, Shannon Link:

No Excuse Mom would like to recognize Marie Crain for our Admin Appreciation award for July 2015. Marie has been a constant and vigilant admin for over a year. She is … Read More