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No Excuse Mom | September 17, 2019

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MariaKang2012_Alexandra Frankel

No Excuse Mom was created by Maria Kang, a mother of three sons, who’s viral image captioned, “What’s Your Excuse?” became viral in 2013. Long before she asked that thought-provoking question, she started a free fitness group for mothers in 2009. Inspired by her own mother – who suffers from many preventative health issues – she vowed to become a role model for her children and create a community of fitness-focused, positive and encouraging families.

In late 2012, when she started releasing free chapters of her book, The No More Excuses Diet, a long-time friend, Lori Hare, asked to make a Facebook community for her followers. This online space was an opportunity for mothers to receive the chapters, share stories, post motivational ideas and swap recipes. As Maria’s public platform increased, so did her community. She preached the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people, creating higher expectations and prioritizing your health – No Excuses!  ATt the turn of the new year in 2014, she decided to replicate her local fitness group in Elk Grove, CA and asked other moms to become local leaders.

Immediately thousands of women congregated to take part in this cause to takeover local parks and create healthy families everywhere. We now have hundreds of local leaders who create meetups throughout the world. If it wasn’t for the dedication and volunteer work of many of our online administrators, regional managers and group leaders, none of this would be possible.