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No Excuse Mom | September 17, 2019

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Stockton, CA NEM Group

Mission: Our mission is to motivate moms to make their health a priority. Our goal is to create connection, friendship and a sense of belonging in a supportive, encouraging and uplifting environment. We believe that health starts at home and that in order to raise a healthy child, we must be a healthy parent.

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What is a No Excuse Mom?  A woman who prioritizes family and fitness despite her excuses!

She’s someone who prioritizes her health, her family’s health and understands the ripple effect their role plays in the health of their community. These moms chose to transform their lives by consciously deciding every day that their health was worth it.

What is a NSV?
NSV means “Non-Scale Victory”. We know all too well that pounds don’t define progress. One pound of muscle is three times smaller than one pound of fat, so you can gain weight and lose inches at the same time! Your success is dependent on how good you feel, how consistent you are and how healthy you become. If you can run longer, lift heavier, fit into old clothes, overcome sugar cravings, run a 5k or confidently wear a bikini – then it’s a victory!