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No Excuse Mom | August 24, 2019

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No Excuse Mom: Bily Bean

No Excuse Mom: Bily Bean
Maria Kang
  • On November 4, 2016

“If you fail to plan, plan to fail!”

This 28-year-old  Los Angeles superstar was not always the buff beauty we all follow on Instagram. She is a mother of two (4 and 5 yrs old) and once struggled with depression. Since losing the weight, she has become a NEM group leader and has graced the calendar pages of not one but two Fit Mom Swimsuit calendars!

” At the beginning of my journey, I was not confident and avoided everyone because I did not feel good about my self image. I stayed indoors and took care of my babies while feeling depressed. Until one day I said to myself, I need to make a change, if I want to be happy I need to do things that make me happy.

So, I started joining mom groups on Facebook and started to do challenges, and little by little I saw the change in me. I started to feel like the”old me again. I started to pay attention on how I felt and not on how everyone else said I should look like or feel. I stopped focusing on the pounds lost on the scale and more on how stronger I can get. I started to lift weights and stopped listening to the fad diets and quick fixes. I learned that it is a life style change and I started to love my body when I started to treat it right.

I felt energetic and empowered. I wanted to be stronger and that is when I knew that all that matter was doing what was right for me and my family. My journey isn’t over and I’m enjoying every step of the process.”

Her favorite workouts is a personalized strength training program she created to build muscle and strength. Her favorite food are vegetarian nachos and In and Out (as a splurge of course!  If you are on path right now, she encourages everyone to keep striving. “Do not give up, keep it going, one bad day will not ruin your hard work!”


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