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No Excuse Mom | August 20, 2019

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No Excuse Mom Local Leader Appreciation Award Recipient Amanda Gibson

No Excuse Mom Local Leader Appreciation Award Recipient Amanda Gibson

We are proud to announce our first No Excuse Mom Local Leader Appreciation Award Recipient, Amanda Gibson.

From Regional Manager, Nikeda Skanes: I would like to nominate Amanda Gibson, Jackson, Missouri No Excuse Mom group leader. Her level of enthusiasm and genuine compassion for helping other women has become quite apparent. She is always willing to learn in order to grow in her role as NEM leader. Amanda corresponds with her Regional Manager on a regular basis; whether it be to ask questions or provide updates regarding her group. She isn’t afraid to make business connections in her community and utilizes media contacts to her advantage. She maintains an open mind in her leadership roles. Her easygoing attitude and pleasant disposition allows her to build great relationships with her members. I’ve observed her constantly motivating and encouraging the ladies in her group. I’m confident the Jackson, MO group will continue to grow steadily because of Amanda’s great leadership.

Thank you for the huge difference you are making in your community, Amanda! You are a valuable member of our team and we are so thankful for your service!




  1. Amanda Gibson

    Thank you so much this is awesome considering the Jackson group is so young.
    I cannot take the credit for this group. I have prayed and asked God to make me part of something like this for almost 4 years. So this group can only succeed. I enjoy meeting the ladies and their children. Being a part of the main group for so long has shown me that women can encourage one another, who knew!? That is something I wanted to show others is that women can get along. We spend so much time judging one another, usually based from looks/body shapes, and here we get to come together and over come that. As being someone who has never been over weight and very small framed and very active I have actually felt shame because of my body type and have always kept my insecurities to myself. As I felt ppl may think I was silly for not liking parts of my body. It wasn’t until joing NEM that I found out I was not alone, could over come and begin to love and enjoy my body and what it can do. I’m still working on it but now with a lot of support.

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