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No Excuse Mom | February 25, 2017

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NEM Group Spotlight : Slovakia and Czech Republic

January 31, 2017 |

I found No Excuse Moms when my daughter was a few months old and I was looking for inspiration to get back into shape. Stories from other moms motivated me to do something and to start looking for healthier options … Read More

NEM Group Spotlight : Culpeper, Virginia

January 31, 2017 | 1

After having my daughter in 2013, I became a mom. I mean that as in that’s all I felt I was. I lost everything else about myself with being consumed as a first-time mom. It was time to get my … Read More

NEM Spotlight : Dallas, Texas

January 31, 2017 |

I started working out when I was cleared after I had my son in 2009. I didn’t give it my all though and stayed at my heaviest for about 5 years. I was talking to someone about being heavy and … Read More

NEM Group Spotlight : Sierra Vista, Arizona

January 31, 2017 |

I had never been overweight until after my 4th child was born.  I had a very healthy pregnancy and lost all but 10 lbs of pregnancy weight by 6 weeks.  But then something changed.  My husband was deployed and having … Read More